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SMILE Wellbeing Group

About the Group

The Wellbeing group was created during the pandemic when SMILE realised that our services users needed somewhere safe to go during the pandemic whilst hospitality and day to day services were closed. Wellbeing group is a safe place in the community where our service users can express themselves and take part in wellbeing, life skills and  Fun activities. 

The Group is run by Helen our Activities Co-ordinator. Helen is a keen baker and craft enthusiast, who loves planning all sorts of exciting activities.

The SMILE Wellbeing group is about learning different ways to keep yourself feeling well, happy and enjoying life. This is achieved by connecting with others, Life skills, keeping active and healthy, different crafts and activities and Day trips. By completing these tasks our goal is to ensure our service users grow in confidence, live a healthier and happier lifestyle, feel good about themselves, try new things and have fun with lots of laughter and enjoyment.

The Group Activities

The Wellbeing group is a great environment where our service users can have fun whilst developing and learning new skills to promote independence and healthier wellbeing. These activities include:

Healthy Eating
Social Skills
Nature exploration
Themed events
Life Skills
Day Trips

We plan different activities to do throughout the year and are always open to hearing new ideas! 

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